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This ultimate masterclass helps committed software engineers get jobs at FAANG or Tier-1 companies.

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About the course

What will I learn?

Instructor-led bootcamp that prepares you with everything that is need to nail the MAANG software engineering interviews.


We have built a Coding Interview Operating System, a multi-step system to optimize the learning and retention. We go beyond the coding patterns and bring forth a new way to look at coding interviews.

System Design

We teach a new bottom up approach to master the building blocks of system design which enables engineers to design complex systems at work and ace design interviews.


We work with you to discover stories from your professional and personal life which highlight your core values and behavioral attributes. We also train on growth mindset and show you traits of successful engineers.

Getting Hired

What it takes to get hired at FAANG or Tier-1 company? We teach all the secrets and techniques to prepare, get interview calls, interview, negotiate and land your ideal job.

Course Content

What topics are covered in the course?

Algorithms, Data Structures and System Design

The core of our Operating System are the methods to learn and persist difficult technical concepts.

Mock Interviews

We created a system to help build your interview muscles. The system includes regular mock interviews to sharpen your skills and provide you feedback.

Resume and LinkedIn

We bring industry experts to share best tips for improving the resume and LinkedIn profiles. A resume review is provided to help you interview calls.

Guest Lectures

We bring industry professionals who share their experiences and career tips. A great way to create connections in the industry for our participants.

Mindset Techniques

I have studied philosophy of work and life with masters in this domain. I bring those lessons to you and help you see the work and life in new growth mindset.

Personalized Coaching

Every week we have 1-on-1 meetings to discuss preparation gaps, and help you unblock in achieving your goals.

What people say about Touseef

"The structure of the class and the amount of mentorship and guidance are exceptional"

When I joined AlgoLAB, I did not know that I was making the best career decision then. I had failed an interview after preparing on my own and I always felt that I lacked mentorship and guidance. Now, I feel more confident to interview with big companies. The structure of the class and the amount of mentorship and guidance are exceptional and unique which allows for organic growth in knowledge. I would do it again if I decide to switch careers

Meshal Saleh
Software Engineer

"Touseef have helped me think more logically and efficiently"

AlgoLab has brought an amazing change in my problem-solving abilities. I really felt short of confidence before approaching optimizing algorithmic problems but mentorship and guidance from Touseef have helped me think more logically and efficiently. I feel much more confident that I can crack any interview that may come at me.

Syed Ansab
Software Engineer

"Gifted engineer"

I had the pleasure of working as product manager on Touseef's team for two years. Touseef is a gifted engineer, and a great partner to a PM. He is excellent at bridging the gap between a vaguely defined problem and a concrete technical deliverable. I particularly appreciated Touseef's proactivity for identifying opportunities, and for the maturity to know how to trade off quality vs. speed - both clear reflections of his deep experience.

Patrick Srail (Airbnb)
Sr. Product manager

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Oct. 3rd to Nov. 30th
Oct. 3rd to Nov. 30th
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